Thursday, June 11, 2009


We have been banking with WaMu for 4-5 years now, but the last year is has been AWFUL. We own our own business so a GOOD bank is vital to our business. We had a REAL bank error just like in Monopoly but it was not in our favor. They bounced a huge check written to our glass supplier when we had 4 times that amount in our account. I went to the bank only to find out that is was a mistake on their part and they were "sorry". They offered to write a letter of apology to us and Dallas Flat Glass, which they did. We was gonna change banks at this time but decided everyone deserves a second chance so we stayed.

Then we hired a credit card company for our business, thinking this is essential these days. We got the machine etc. and was being charged $5.50 a month to our bank account. We didn't need to use them yet and it was several months before we did. When we did finally use them it was for a transaction of over $4,000. We followed ALL the rules but they didn't. We would not deposit out money even after they had taken off the customers card. It was a mess. We cancelled our service and returned their equipment. They continued to charge our account the $5.50 but was now adding in another $30 from somewhere. I went to the bank to stop payment to them. I payed the bank $30 to stop payment and was told they could no longer access my account. Then a few weeks later here came another statement for $44. The bank then backtracked saying the stop payment had conditions, which they failed to tell me. The only way I was told to completely stop the charges is to close the bank account and they would not refund my $30 stop payment fee. I was furious!! I closed all 3 of our accounts and demanded the money in cash, much to their surprise. I was also VERY loud in the bank, which is so out of character for me. I held my head high and walked out of the bank, VERY nervous with several thousand dollars in cash. Goodbye WaMu/Chase!