Thursday, March 15, 2012

jail check list

It is getting closer to court time. Tomorrow at 8:30 am. I need to have a white sports bra, white panties, white socks, unopened cigarettes for bargaining and unopened anything else I can get away with such as antiperspirant. I am still not sure what will go down or if I will make it to work.

I am however super excited to have my friend David visiting. He is awesome!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scared 3/13/12

I have court on Friday at 8:30 AM and I am really starting to have doubts. I think this is unfair and that maybe I should really fight it. I told my attorney I would take the offer of 15 days but I have not signed nothing yet. I pay him so I am still in charge, Wright?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

God's Blessings-2012

I can't believe I have not posted in over a year. And what a year this has been. I have been working part-time at Arby's for a year now. I also WON the Red Hat Hero of the year 2011 award for all of Dallas/Ft. Worth. I really love my job and the people I work with are amazing. I am still able to care for my lovely Granddaughter on Tuesday and Thursday.

I did however make a major mistake in August of 2011. I got fed up with my daughter Kati stealing and lying to me. When she came home I grabbed her shirt and began to yell at her. Since she is over 18 the police called this assault and I was arrested and went to jail. I just now settled with Denton County on this matter and agreed to plea no contest and take 15 days jail time to be done on the weekends. I plan on writing a book about this experience in the hopes of helping someone. I will miss Easter and my brother's 40 birthday celebration. to be continued

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year 2011

I can't believe another year has gone by and I still weigh the same lol. I can't help but think of PaPa today RIP. I did get called to work on Monday and maybe Tuesday with my dear friend Lynnette. I am pretty sure we are doing inventory, which is fun. I sure do love working.

I have started my new diet as of yesterday. I am eating fruits, veggies and seafood only. NO PROCESSED FOOD!!! I was going to start the flat belly diet but decided against it. I did learn a lot about my stomach though from the book. I am also doing cardio in my bedroom with the help of my soft bed.

Happy New Year Ya'll!! Be sure to eat your cabbage and black eyed peas for luck lol.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I have to find a job. I am going crazy and letting my black mark (felony) get to me. I have to forget about that and just hit the pavement, like my Dad always said. I may even start writing my book, "The Truth Hurts" sounds like a good title. It was my birth Mom, Vicky's favorite saying and since she will be one of my main charaters, I thought it was appropriate. I just hope I don't hurt the rest of my family to bad with the truth.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wonderful Birthday!!

I celebrated my birthday today at my Gammie & Gramps house today, with my wonderful family. We ate at Golden Corral (a good one) and drew names for CHRISTmas as well. Eric, my brother also had a "pop Quiz" doe us to help with buying gifts. He did a good job and it was really cute a festive. I got really GREAT gifts and cards from my family, which just being together was the BEST gift EVER! I am now starting a blog regimen to focus on stuff to get done the next day. I plan to ride my bike that my wonderful hubby fixed for me. I am going to exercise Moore. I am so truly blessed. God is good!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time sure goes fast

Wow! Has it really been that long since I wrote in my blog? I have had so much happen in life since then. I miss working and want to get back. I have an inventory job to do next week, which I am very excited about. Tori on the other hand is worried cuz she depends on me to watch Delylah. I LOVE watching her but I really need to work. Life is full of many blessings and yet lately I have been getting VERY frusterated. Pray for me, please.