Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Hero!

This is an excellent picture of Gammie & Kati, my middle child. Gammie is an angel sent directly from heaven. She is my Hero! She is a Christian woman, married for over 60 years and has one son, my Dad. She has always been a positive, skinny, happy, healthy role model in my life. Even my teenage daughters straighten up when I say I will tell Gammie. Not that Gammie will do anything but give the disappointed LOOK and that is the worst. She has always managed to work full-time and keep the cleanest house on the block, hmmm this is the mystery. Gammie you should blog on keeping a clean house, for real. I have heard that happiness is self-discipline and I am begining to realize what that means. Don't tell Gammie I told ya'll but she is 80 years young here, WOW betcha couldn't tell huh. I love you Gammie you are my HERO!!!

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Dumas said...

You are sooo Wright Stephanie. She is a waonderful woman as was her Mother and her influence has made you a very wonderful daughter, wife mother & now GrandLady. :-) As I have said about her MOther and her..if they don't go to heavem no one will.